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Broken sleep

I am having the worst sleep patterns ever. Lately for the past few months I've only been getting broken up sleep. And the only reason some times that I know I've fallen asleep is because I would have a dream. I'd would obviously finally drift off but then I'd be awaken by a sensation if my brain or me feeling like I had to catch my breath. My fears if sleep has gotten so bad. Can this happen where I can lay there even though I'd be afraid but is lay there and at an instant fall to sleep and even have a dream that fast because I won't even be to sleep long because I would watch my clock? If I dream does this mean I have fallen asleep even though it may have only been 30 min or is it something else? I need rest and it's only coming in increments of 30 minutes or 45 minutes and if I'm lucky some nights I'll get 2 hours at a time but I'm right back up and afraid. I feel like a zombie and I look as such. I have dark circles under my eyes now. My skin looks dry and different which also worries me because I look like someone with something else worse that I won't even say because I look frail from losing so much weight. Help is this possible am I getting sleep or is my mind playing this much tricks on me?

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Are you eating anything wrong before you go to bed like alcohol/coffee/tea/cheese or eating too late? Do you relax an hour or 2 before you go to bed without watching screens? Do you go to bed to late/early or get up too early/late. Are you getting enough exercise and eating healthily? Is your bed comfortable/sheets fresh and your bedroom decluttered? Is it too hot/cold in your house? if I have heating or hot water on at night I can't sleep as I find central heating doesn't help if not getting enough oxygen if no windows open. Also too much hot water heats up the house. Do you have work/life problems that you're worrying about that you need to talk about with a councillor or citizens advice bureau? If you're afraid of sleeping have a night light or talk to a counsellor/psychotherapist. Are you using a washing powder that doesn't agree with you or working in an environment that doesn't agree with you?

Hope something helps :)

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Well I can't say I have the best sleep regimen or habit at the moment. My anxiety and fear is what has me all mess up with my sleep lately. I keep my tv going because I've always used to sleep like that before. I did cut out my exercise lately because of me losing so much weight due to being so stressed and this anxiety so because u had began to feel more weak I stopped any exercise I used to do. I have central air and heat so my house I keep the a/c on and it's good temperature for the most part but there are times where I feel like if it's not on I'll get over heated quicker. But at the same time I am always so cold feeling. I have been to a cognitive behavior therapy for about a month and it was ok. I do most of the talking which is ok because I don't mind getting things off my mind but at the same time I don't see where it helped me alot as far as my anxiety. Right now I eat poorly because my appetite has decreased so much and I'm not sure now if it's from the medication I started two weeks ago or if anxiety alone plus the meds is doing this so I eat whenever I can or wheneverI finally feel like I have an appetite. I don't know yet what foods are not working for me at the time but I will say I've been making much better choices such as a lot more fruits and drinking more water since going through this anxiety and also finding out that I have kidney disease. Which also I don't know if this is causing a lot of my syptoms. But my main problem is not eating or sleeping well. I just know I have a hard time staying asleep which was once never a problem before this anxiety and stress got the best of me.


Some medication doesn't help with sleeping I try herbal solutions instead. If too cold doesn't help, I find fresh air better than artificial. Maybe relaxing music or sounds/chamomile tea or warm milk 1hr before bed/herbal nytol pills/st johns wort(can't have with some medication/high blood pressure). Cold shower, Meditation. Not exercising too close to bedtime either. Going to bed same time every night and waking up every morning same time. waking up with bird sounds good. Regular routine or planning day ahead helps. Too much caffeine in day doesn't help. If wake up and cannot sleep have herbal tea/herbal nytol or paracetamol if desperate and read relaxing book or were's wally? or look at relaxing pictures or do wordsearch/crossword.

I have sleep problems sometimes too-mostly worrying or if haven't done enough exercise in day or eating/exercising too late :)


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