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So I have a question, does anyone else feel like they're getting breathless when trying to sleep? Like when I lay down it kinda feels like my lungs are empty? I dunno. This happens every night since 4 days ago no other symptoms except sometimes getting chest tightness too. Sometimes during the day I'll get breathless when I think about my breathing but I feel fine when I don't focus on it. So I'm just wondering if this is something serious or is that just anxiety as obvs going to sleep you overthink things.

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Hi I get this all the time! It comes and goes, sometimes I won't get it for months and then all of a sudden I'll have a week of trouble falling asleep. It's as though you can't catch your breath and have to keep taking gulps of air, basically hyperventilating. But I know this is normal and a symptom of anxiety, so breathing techniques can help and also different muscle relaxations also. Try not to worry too much and tell yourself that's it's only anxiety and something you will get through sooner or later. Takes a while but you'll learn to control it, as well as all the other symptoms it may throw at you!


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