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Accused of reporting partner for drug driving

I've had been in little of strange relationship with my ex partner we have been thru some really tough obstacles with baggage from his past including his ex partner of 32 years who squirted him with bleach and hit him over the head with an object which she can't remember as she is an alcoholic . He was reported and stopped by police and arrested and charged I'm devasted for him but also know he took that risk. The police told him where the report came from and I am from that district police he doesn't know anyone really from here. I didn't report him and I've said over and over it wasn't me he was told by police it wasn't me but still doesn't believe me. It's driving me insane and I'm scared for my safety and my family . Should I make complaint to the station because of their information they gave to him he isn't looking elsewhere for the actual person. I've tried to explain to him that the main switchboard would get the call if that is the one available at the time and it's made no differance. He still believes it to be me . I want my name clearing with him any suggestions are welcome . I can't blame anyone in particular but I do have suspicions that it was his ex and made it out to be me as I was told she is capable of this. I don't want anything else to do with him as the abuse has been very distressing to myself and I don't believe there is any going back to such a person who can doubt his partner considering all I've done to help support him through tough time with his past relationship. I can understand his frustration but blaming someone who worshiped the ground he walked in and loves him very much is just not making sense at all. He has lost his licence and I am fully aware what would have happened and he wouldn't beable to do his job see his father who lives few hours away and even come to stay at mine? I just don't know what else I can do but I am living in fear as I've been threatened and it's very real I know what he is capable of. Maybe I shouldn't worry as much as I am because I know it wasn't me but understanding the man and knowing about background things which have gone on I'm scared but also don't want to seem like it was me and making matters worse by trying to prove my innocence . I've lost 5kg with this in a week not sure if I can take any more stress. I was in a bad marriage for years and it left me a very insecure person and this has got me on verge of a breakdown . Do I keep trying to prove my innocence or walk away from this toxic relationship? He obviously hasn't cared about me at all to not even look at other avenues who it could have been .

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