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Anybody feel like me

I have anxiety from last many years but I just found out last month that it's anxiety.and after I rear the symptoms of anxiety I don't have all of them but after read it in a week I have all symptoms.then I find out with jogging can finish the anxiety.I started it so after a month I don't have symptoms any more like sweating chest pain muscle pain hot or cold body..but some time I do have legs pain headeche and the mostly I have that can concentrate and difficulty for remember..this morning I awake up I feel strange my own house then I feel I can think properly...please tell me any body know what is this is it anxiety or I have problem in my barin

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I feel like this everyday. There are times where I can't remember the simplest of tasks. It scares the heck outta me. I'm sure it's all anxiety. I have looked up the symptoms for anxiety and all though there are many and everyones experiences are different, difficulty concentrating and loss of memory are a few of them. Just try to relax. I'm telling you this as I'm trying to tell myself the same thing.


An idea that I find very effective.. instead of fighting the thoughts and telling your brain yo relax. Just let them do what they want.. when you stop fighting them they will no longer be scary


Hi Hammad80

I would start by going to the doctor to check your physical symptoms if they are persistent for a while...if they are coming and going and is not always the same symptoms, I would ask the doctor if it could be anxiety. Its always worth checking with a professional first.

Like that you can get help with a diagnosis and then you can treat yourself. If is anxiety I recommend Cognitive behavioural therapy. I have been suffering with anxiety for a few years and recently after a second time in therapy I think I am now managing it better and living my life to the best I can.

Its a journey and doesn't always go away but do try and keep at it.

Goo luck


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