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Wishing the best

Hello everyone anxiety is so real, i have all the symptoms associated with anxiety and its driving me nuts, i mainly suffer from health anxiety worried bout dying all the time, it's so hard to stay focus, but i do realize it's a mind thing so basically im hurting myself, im on meds an seeing a therapist which is helpful, i pray that all of us eliminate this horrible disease, GOD is real also so focus on him cause you WILL find some comfort i want to cry, but it seems like nothing will come out of me please someone help cause i have really been feeling suicidal

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Yes this is me all the time. I cry so much to a point a few times I was crying but no tears were coming down. I take meds as well and don't know if it's helping or making it worse. I can't believe my life has come to a point where I cannot focus I only focus on negative thoughts and death. And it stays on my mind probably 20 out of the 24 hours of my day and his been like this since June ever since the anxiety came back on me so hard. You are not alone. I hAve two kids and I get so emotional every day because I fear about dyin and I don't ever want to leave them.


Hi Tonyhope

My heart goes out to you and all others who are suffering with the overwhelming symptoms of anxiety/panic/depression, ive been battle with this for several years on and off, recovery is not impossible, I've experienced some fantastic months totally free of symptoms, sadly its with me once again at the moment but I believe I can overcome it once again with acceptance, we all can, it feels so impossible but believe me its not, you have to allow the feelings to come n go as they please, try not to add to your fear by fighting with it or searching for answers via the net, earlier today I was convinced death was upon me, the fear and symptoms were terrifying, but here I am talking to you, I didn't die from it and neither will you, hang in there, seek support from who ever you can, talk, and breath through the dreaded symptoms, xxxx

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Firstly don't do anything silly.

If you need to cry then cry. Even if no tears appear. The act of crying can still help you feel some relief.

Yes unfortunately it's own mind that's hurting us and that's the way we were wired at the factory.

I know it's good dam hard but keep going, keep fighting

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