How I'm feeling now

Well I laid in bed all day 8 a cup a noodle Witg rooster sauce and then I felt a little better and then and now I'm starting to feel like crap it's basically my heart that's doing it I don't know if it's anxiety I can just really feel it on my chest I'm still debating if I should just open up here maybe I'll feel better but then again I'm scared LOL hopefully that goes away I just want food nothing but food I'm just too lazy to cook hope you feel better soon I might just open up your knows


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  • Hi Crystal88, still feeling under the weather? Don't put too much emphasis on anxiety after a full night of being out with the girls. It sounds to me like there are other issues going on that you want to open up to. If that's the case, why don't you wait until you are in a different mind set. Feel better soon dear. x We are always here to listen and support.

  • Thank you i appreciate it its so late to cook chicken might take too long in the oven still debating if I should cook or not but I feel sick and need to shower I'm afraid Imight fall this sucks! Im here if u need any one to talk to as well

  • Crystal you are a sweetheart. Just take care of yourself right now. If you can tolerate a bowl of cold cereal, that's what I would have when I was so sick with migraines. Especially with having to take medications, I would always protect my stomach. It doesn't have to be a big meal. I'll be signing off for now, I'm in Chicago and it's almost 1am. Let us know how you are doing tomorrow. I wish you well (and soon). xx

  • Thank you I will for sure let you guys know how I'm doing tomorrow hopefully I'm much better and I know I'm not supposed to but I opened a beer maybe a relaxing me if not then I'll just stop hopefully tomorrow is a better day thank you have a good night

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