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Would like to control this better

I have been diagnosed with Anxiety for over 10yrs now, but in the last year they have diagnosed me with High- funtioning Asperger's and my social anxiety is so much worse than it use to be. I feel I am holding my fiance back because he likes to go out and do things. With me hating being around groups because of how bad my anxiety is I feel this has become and issue between us.

Also my doctor has started sending me to specialist with the medical things I have wrong but when he sends the referrals he does not put on the my Asperger's and that I have social and other forms of anxiety, especially when he sends a referral for a special kind of GROUP or a SUPPORT GROUP that he thinks will help me. I don't feel this is fair on me because he does not put any of my mental disabilities on my paper work because he is not caring for me with these issues.

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Anxiety has many different forms (as you can tell with all of us in this forum =) ). There are many different things that help us. I've noticed that many try to get over this with out any help from counseling or a therapist and I am sure some can. As soon as I knew I had heavy anxiety I seeked out help because I did not know how to cope.

I tried groups and they did help, because talking to anyone about it who understands is always helpful. It is an outlet. With me I have found that my faith has helped tremendously with it. Before I thought I was in control when really I have know control. I don't control what is going to happen and I think that is why so many people live with anxiety. Also, people worry about the future and dont live in the present. People associate the future with negatives.

I was taught about positive what if's. Here, If I can think about a negative outcome, there has to be a positive one. Positive what if's are great. and just living in the moment. We were only built to be thoughtful for the day (24hours) and nothing more.

Prayer for me keeps focused and hopeful that everything will be OK. I trust in God and Jesus and I know I can declare that today is going to be great because of HIm. I pray every morning and declare the day. I am blessed to be able see the day and do good things and be a good person.

I hope this helps and that you find someone that can talk to you and show you that you can beat this. It will be with us always but it does not have to control you and you can enjoy your life with you family and loved ones again. Just pray, live, laugh and love, and know that those uncomfortable feelings will go away. Stay anchored to hope.

God Bless


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I am just getting back to my faith. But the issue with the therapist it would work if my therapist was willing to actually help me.


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