Anxiety caused by hormones?

Is it possible that my anxiety came back because of my hormones being out of whack? It could be a total coincide but my anxiety started popping up in April, same time as I started weaning my daughter after nursing for 2 years. Just wondering if there could be a correlation there.


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4 Replies

  • Iv been thinking this for a long time I have taking a birth control pill and was fine for 2 years now I stopped it my body is all mixed up anxiety is back and at it's worse .

  • I'm thinking it has to be related. Hormones can do so much to your body. I think when some of my symptoms started coming back I reacted to them so strongly that I sent my anxiety over the top and now I can't seem to get out of it. :(

  • When I mention it too my doctor they just look at me and don't take it serious " like nothing we can do" I'm pretty sure hormones can mess up your whole body.

  • Yes definitely ! I've notice a week or two before my cycle the anxiety gets really worst I use too run too the dr but this month I just breath through it and not get over anxious and it helped me stay more elevated

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