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Oh man!

Hello all, not sure if I'm doing this right so please bare with me.

My problem is relationship based. Every time I meet a guy I completely break down. I've been on my own for quite a few years now and I am completely happy with that but whenever I meet someone I have major panic attacks. I'm ok if I know it's not going to go anywhere but as soon as someone tries to get close I absolutely freak, to the point where I vomit, shake, can't eat, can't sleep, can't concentrate at work and my brain is completely overtaken by fear and panic. I've recently met a guy and there is absolutely nothing wrong with him at all, we have a laugh, we talk, we get on and the physical side is amazing but when he mentions about seeing me again I just can't bare the thought of it.

Can anyone please give me some kind of advice because I have gone through every aspect of my life, even questioning my sexuality, as to why I get like this and I am coming up with no answers whatsoever.

Thanks peeps xxx

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Maybe there is an underlying issue from a previous event? trauma from a bad breakup or relationship? Parents divorced? Im not therapist so I really don't know but I think you might want to explore those things.

I don't think you need to question anything. If you've had sexual relations with him then I assume the attractiveness is there for the male gender. Do you have male friends that you regularly hang out with? Or is it only with men that show interest beyond the occasional hook up? I'd talk to a therapist. Hope this helps.

If anything, pray. Talk to God for guidance. Prayer always helps for me. Calms me down and puts things into perspective.


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Thank you, I will take your advice on board.


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