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Suffering mentally

How can this be anxiety? I woke up this morning feeling like I'm gping crazy. My brain just feels do wierd. It's like I keep getting different sensations. One minute it feels,foggy next it feel like pressure, next I feel detached, next I get headaches, I feel really crazy. I cry so much. Can anxiety come down hard on some one this fast and make them change mentally thus fast? I remember feeling normal in may. When june came I went to an urgent care for blood work and I was traumatized since they said my kidney function was slightly lower than normal. Then a month later in july a loved one died. Ever since then everything had changed. My eating my sleeping lots of symptoms panic, worry, stress. And it drove me to take meds and now I don't know what's all causing my brain and my life to feel upside down. Can this happen to me thus quickly? It seems it should take more time than this for someone to break down to this point. It's driving my anxiety and health anxiety through the roof. I want to quit this medication. What us happening?

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