Oh boy!

I took some time off of work due to some health issues that im dealing with.. But after having about 2 weeks off I think its time to go back. I am nervous because I don't want to start thinking at work and have an anxiety attack when im there.. Im so worried.. And I hope my mind doesn't worry and wonder to far off when im there.. I feel like im setting myself up to fail already. Even at my house where I have spent the past 2 weeks I have been very nervous over everything because of the health issues I have been dealing with. (Stomach). Just wish I could wake up and not be a nervous wreck all the time 😢


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  • I too am nervous about everything especially since I remember how my life use to be. I took off from work too because I didn't know what was going on if it was anxiety or what but I was having different symptoms that made me paranoid but I wish I could help or give better advice besides saying you're not the only one. Best wishes

  • Thanks for the reply! ☺ and I know its so hard to deal with. I do the same thing I think back to the days where everything was fine and I didn't have a worry in the world. Anxiety is a nasty thing and I honestly wouldn't wish it on anyone. And now its to the point where I think everything is wrong with me and my health!

  • Why do you want to return to work so soon? Take advantage of the time off to put your nerves at ease. The worst feeling is being anxious at work. It makes me feel trapped and out of control. Focus on yourself, your health is first.

  • Well I just feel like maybe it could do me some good maybe get my mind off things... If I don't do back tomorrow I know I will never go back..

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