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Hey i have been having really bad trouble lately with i think its anxiety but ive only came to that conclusion today ive been doing a ton of research and this is the only thing i can think of i constantly have a worry about my health like i live with two smokers and they smoke out side but thats not good enough i feel its all around me so im constantly shutting windows when they are outside and opening them as soon as they come in i dont speak to anyone about it they must just think im weird i also cant be in the same room after they have had one and i cant even be around a packet of ciggarettes thats not the only thing when im walking past someone in the street i hold my breathe or at least i try to but lately its gotten so serious that if im near someone who is smoking i some how later feel like i have smoked in some sort of way and i start going crazy in my head re thinking did i and then i go even more crazy because i know i never would and i try to re trace my steps and its just taking over my life and i just really want some sort of advice to at least calm me because at the moment i feel crazy.

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Hey Cameron, slow down a bit. I'm new on here so I don't know anything about anyone or even what rules there are etc BUT I do know you're in a bit of a panic mode, hunny, and need to try hard to just relax enough to tell me what's happened in the last few hours. I can't promise any advice but I can say that I'll listen and will stay online until you're feeling a bit better and a bit more relaxed. Feeling like hell at this time of night is the worst. Everyone else seems to have vanished and you get to feeling very alone and very lost. That's dead scary at times but, my babe, you're not alone right now so if you wanna chat, I'm here to listen. Ok? 🌹


Hi Camerom_kneen08, I do not have health anxiety and yet cannot tolerate the smoke from a cigarette. I am so sensitive that if someone smokes outside then comes back in, I can't handle the stench of smoke that comes in the door with them. I can smell smoke on people's clothing almost like a dirty ashtray smell. I also cannot stand the smell of these fire pits people have in their yard or the smell of chimney smoke. I live in an old house and smell the smoke come in through the cracks of the door and windows. I seal around my door with strapping tape when the smoke is so bad that it makes me ill. Soooo, just wanted you to know you are not alone in how you feel. I've been known to hold my breathe at times. What was most annoying ws when restaurants and airplanes had non smoking and smoking areas. That was a farce. Like we couldn't smell it. Take it easy my friend.


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