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Sudden dizzy spells/blackouts - anxiety stress related??

Recently I have had two sort of dizzy spells/blackouts that rarely happen to me and I have never fainted before so this was quite scary.I was at home on a day off and had felt very tired and really wanted to feel productive so I took a energy drink and drank it all. I was onMy laptop for a bit laying on my bed when I suddenly got up and started feeling extremely dizzy, my vision went blurry , I could see splashes of coloursIn my vision, like lights and could not feel my body, what also worried me was that my ears popped and I couldn’t hear very well

I cant remember what I did but it passed after a few min or so.The other time this happened was not so long after the last one (last week)I was out this time shopping and was generally quite depressed and stressed. Anyhow I continued my day, and shopped around withFamily members. I was at a sweet shop when I suddenly felt very sick and then quite dizzy. It then happened again andI was very panicky because I knew what It was and didn’t like it. The ears popped this time it was like being under waterI could just hear voices that were really low in volume. Then the blurriness and colours came in , more extreme this time

And I felt really dizzy, I felt I was going to faint and I hate that so I told my mum how I was feeling and luckily there was a seat to sitOn, I sat down and drank some water but still nothing. I had some sweets but still nothing. Then my mum bought me a orange juiceAnd finally that got rid of it,, after I was very shaken up and assumed it must be blood sugar levels. iI had a cup of tea in the morningAnd don’t really have breakfast. Something I realised after was that I had a about half a energy drink in the

Morning because I felt so tired. I then came to the conclusion that on both occasions of havingThese blackouts I had had a energy drink prior.I have been quite worried since and I have a doctor appointment next week justTo check everything is ok. Im not a fan of doctor appointments and the medical system tbh but I know I need to go.I know I have some vitamin deficiencies because I don’t have enough fruits/veg in general andFor the last 2 mnths I haven’t been eating very well and if anything not at all, before the blackout when I was shoppingI had regained my appetite and was eating quite a lot so maybe my body reacted because of the change? also it wasn’t my first time drinking a energy drink, im usually alright when I consume them,Idk but what I do know is that I feel crap all the time. I miss how I used to be, productive, organised, willing to do

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Hi I know how you feel caffeine can be really bad for anxiety so I have it up completely to help me relax


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