I just realized?

What's weird to me is reading all of these posts of people struggling, and when I read it I relate to it no matter how far back, little things like dizziness while standing up, an uneasy feeling in my stomach, I pushed it all away thinking it was nothing, but it's not, it's crazy to think I really do have anxiety. I need to tell somebody but not sure how because I know so many people see nothing wrong in me, I'm happy most of the time but it's all on the inside. Maybe some advice? Or someone feeling the same way?


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  • I was in your exact position and feeling the exact same way before i sought out help (unfortunately I waited until I got really bad) and since then its been no where but up for me, it helps me find peace sometimes knowing there are people out there just like me going through the same stuff and im not weird or alone, and you're definitely not. I hope you get through this :)

  • Sorry for being noisy but who did u get help from? What where somethings you did to help? Thanks!

  • Not at all nosey, id love to help.

    Well to begin with i tried to self manage by joining internet support groups and researching (not the bad webmd research that makes you worse lol) and that settled my symptoms and attacks temporarily but as it got worse and more often i went and talked to a doctor about it, now i go to cognitive behaviour therapy and take fluoxetine, i also learned that the best thing to do when i was feeling in a spiral or freaking out a bit and there were family and friends around me was to tell them im anxious and on edge and to please be gentle, it seems like a daunting and embarrassing thing to say but it will bring so much relief and happiness i promise x

  • Well I'm the same way I get dizzy through out the day it turns in to panic I feel really bad some day's and just OK other day's.. I get numbness in my arm's,legs,tingly feeling through out my body, the inside my mouth feels weird pressure in my hear neck and shoulders my body tenses up my heart flutters and last but not least my chest gets so tight it hurts but I feel all these symptoms everyday all day so I'm just getting use to it don't get me wrong it scars me to death but I try my beat not to let it get to me so much it's very hard but the more I get use to it I don't panic so much I do but not as bad as I use to..I hope you get better I will pray for you

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