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I don't know if this is anxiety, but a lot of websites have been saying it is. Okay, so basically at random parts of the day it feels like I can't breathe or I'm not going to be able to breathe because the back of my nose that connects to my throat feels like it's closing up or there's something there. My stomach also feels very sunken in when I stand up and it makes me feel like I can't breathe even though my lungs are totally clear and I can. I can breathe out for very long because of it, though. I really need help because I don't really want to make it a bigger deal than it probably is. I also have dry skin that turned a grayish color on the sunken part of the front of your throat.

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ToriAnnete, you really need to see a doctor first in order to clarify if there are any health issues. If it does boil down to anxiety disorder then you have come to quite a forum of caring, understanding and knowledgeable people. First things first. Good Luck!

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Hi, me myself have just kinda feeling funky lately and I myself have aniexty and I personally have sometimes when I stand up or standing my pit of my stomach feels terrible, I can feel you on that and again maybe go see a doctor, but very well can be signs of aniexty. Hope this helps, also knowing your not alone can too!

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