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Today's anxiety

Well today sincerity is a lot what a little bit better! I feel anxcious hands are numb i feel tired my dog hurt my head hurts am I feel like not doing anything why can sit there and I could feel thump on my network chest and I feel like my heart's going to stop my heart is not racing it's normal but it's a little bit different tomorrow I have an appointment at 10 o'clock hope that my daughter can decide what he's going to do Friday I have another appointment for an ancient Chinese acupuncture that my doctor is going to try for Stress and Anxiety and other pain medications but hopefully it works hopefully that's all that I need because right now I do have a heart monitor and everything seems to look fine on the recording so far so good so I'm hoping and praying that everything comes out fine there's days where I have good days and days without bad days today was an OK day it's better than yesterday and I think God for an extra day

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I suffered with all the symptoms you mention in your post. In the end it turned out to be my vitamin B12 levels. I now take Garden of Life's B12 Mouth spray - methylcobalamin.

Has your doctor tested for this as a possible deficiency?

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No he has not he just keeps trying to prescribe me some anxiety pills which make me depressed and emotional I have stress B complex I have to see him too day I'll ask him about it there's got to be something wrong though because like something you love makes me feel sick makes me feel tired anxious it's just hair just want something that could help me out but I will let him know tomorrow to check out everything he wants to do a ancient Chinese acupuncture Friday so I'm not sure do you still get anxiety?


Nope! 😁 Within 3 days of taking a vitamin B12 mouth spray all my symptoms disappeared... tiredness, anxiety, panick attacks, stress, irritability. .. this after 5 years of a lot of stress.

I cannot recommend highly enough for you to get this vitamin level checked. B12 deficiencies are very common, because we no longer get the amounts our bodies need due to how we farm our foods, our soils are depleated.

Here in the UK, people are diagnosed very late. Other countries are much better at picking up on the symptoms earlier... where do you live?

Nicola x

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I live in california . I missed my appointment this mornung being so tired uhg i hope it will work out for me i want to be anxiety free lol i want to bd happy again


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