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Tiredness? Related to anxiety?signs I'm struggling with

Hey, I've been really tired lately like in class I can barley keep my eyes open let alone stay awake, i don't feel like I have lack of sleep, it's more of a inside feeling of tiredness, I've been getting enough sleep as I usually do and I had a pretty bad breakdown(anxiety)last night but again having this problem I'm not sure if I'm the only one? Or it's not to do with anxiety? And one last question, does anxiety have to be shown as being quite and not necessarily being around people because it's only sometimes I don't like being around big crowds? Help?

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Hi anxiety is caused by allsorts of situations,its just how we react ourselves to it,like you say sometimes you feel ok around crowds,i suppose some days are better for you than others,and sometimes you are mentally stronger and coping better,maybe youre feeling tired because you need iron or vitamins,and need to check it out with doctors app,just when you say you get plenty sleep but still feel tired,hope things get better for you,and dont worry you are never the only one feeling a certain way,loads of anxiety sufferers experience all different thoughts and feelings.


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