Nonstop panic..vent

It seems like my anxiety and panic attacks are never ending, I wake up with them I go to sleep with them. It gets better and then it gets worse. Most days I feel like I'm slowly forgetting who I am. I accepted the fact that I have these issues now how do I move past them if they won't go away. My husband finally decided it's time to have another baby. Which is all iv wanted for the last 2 years and now I'm terrified because I'm haveing all this stuff I'm dealing with...and a baby is why I started havin anxiety in the 1st place well my body thought there was a baby but there wasn't which led to a very bad depression and a few bad life choices and now I'm here stuck in a never ending panic anxiety loop. It's so hard to stay positive when your brain just wants to give up. I feel like I live to sleep any more I use to be an awesome mom and wife now I just want to hide all day.


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