Why do I feel depression is coming along with my anxiety??? I need to be happy again what's wrong with me 😩😩

Is it part of the illness of anxiety to get depression along with it ? I fee like I have started to get some depression I fee like I'm not happy or sad but numb I always fee like I'm going to die I have become so afraid of everything including myself I fee scared to be alone so I always have someone with me because I'm afraid of the state of mind I'm in . Prior to me getting anxiety two months ago I was a happy person who loved life it's not like me to fee this way . I have a three year old daughter who is my life and I feel like I can't even get happy about the future ahead with her like I used too. I don't know what's going on or how long this will last but I miss myself prior to the Illness I got two months ago . Has anyone else felt this way ?


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3 Replies

  • I understand completely. I have these same feelings. Anxiety and depression must come together. I have two kids. I cry so much at the drop of a dime becauseI feel how different I have become. I don't have much motivation I'm drained really easily throughout the day. And my five year I can't even give her the attention she wants half the time and she's so active. It breaks my heart because I was never like this. This is the worse that anxiety and depression and stress has been ever in my life. I cry so much. I know how you feel. God bless us

  • Thanks for responding, I know it's tough I fee so bad about my daughter to I can't be there mentally right now 😩 I can't even b home alone I don't like to I got this two months ago I had a alcohol binge and blacked out since then the next day I haven't been the same I pray to god every day he heels me and gives me piece of mind I can't function like this I even quit my job due to it God bless you as wel

  • Omg you are my twin right now!! I stopped working too. This all started happening to me in late June ever since that doc appointment I had when they told me my kidneys function was slightly low. That straight traumatized me and everything went downhill for me mentally. This was the worst anxiety has ever been for me. Not sleeping not eating. I pray and cry so much hoping for a recovery because I love my kids so much. I never realized until all this started happening to me how that word "peace" of mind means so much.

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