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Well I'm really anxious about this doc appointment

Today I go to the kidney doctor to get an ultrasound to see why my kidney fuction is low. I could not sleep woke up nervous. The same nervous feeling i have all the time ftom this anxiety. And about my anxiety I had a full blown attack yesterday leaving off the cruise ship. Atleast I hope that's all it was. I was literally short for breath, felt lightheaded, faint, dry mouth really bad, shaky, and got a sweat. I think it spawned from early that morning at about 5 15 am when I awoke out of my sleep to use the restroom and when I went to wipe I saw that I was bleeding and it freaked me out because I was not expecting my menustral to be on so I freaked out when I saw blood. I immediately felt my heart pounding head warm shaky really bad. I turned that whole moment into the worse feeling ever. I cannot even say why I couldn't wrap my mind around the fact it could just be that my menustral came on early. I had put myself in the worse state of panic. I started thinking all kinds of bad things it could be. Thought my organs were coming out. Last thing I thought about was menustral and my whole day yesterday was ruined by anxiety and anticipating the worse. Why is this?

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