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Lump in throat - anxiety?

For the last couple of weeks, I've had this feeling of a lump in my throat that makes me wonder if I'm going to be sick, but I'm sure it's just my anxiety. I can't think of any reason why my anxiety would be acting up like this, but I know that there isn't always a reason - I've been feeling down as well (diagnosed six years ago with anxiety and mild depression) which might be connected. The horrible bit is that I get this strange feeling in my throat, which makes me anxious that I'm going to be sick, which makes the feeling worse and keeps it in mind. I was sick about six months ago, and I hadn't been for a long time before that, which is probably why it keeps preying on my mind (and my anxiety also makes me think I'm tempting fate by saying this out loud)

Does this strike a chord with anybody and does anyone have any tips for me - it's really getting me down.


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Hi Arty_Aurora,

Boy do I know what you are talking about, that sensation is just awful and had been quite worrisome for awhile but it is absolutely a symptom of anxiety.

I don't really understand why the sensation if intense sometimes and not others. Literally it will feel so big I should be able to see it and my anxiety is not very high, other times it's sky high. Sometimes, it's not present and I know I'm anxious, other times I'm not anxious and the lump sensation is gone.

I first felt the lump when I was not yet a teenager. It was so worrisome. Fortunately, I was able to link it with anxiety (which was confirmed by a psychiatrist) much to my relief.

Now, I use it as a signal. It's time for me to concentrate on being kind to myself and practicing self care. I do my best to sleep well (go to be early) and eat nutritious meal. Then I do some other the things I like--riding my bike, watching a funny movie or talking with a friend.

So, I can tell you it is 100% a symptom of anxiety and not a horrible diagnosis. If you can practice self care, it should lessen and then go away.

I hope this has helped, let me know. Most importantly, be kind to yourself!!



This is a very common symptom of anxiety. So common, in fact, they gave it a name; Globus pharyngis.

If it comes and goes or seems to move around/reappear in different parts of your throat then I wouldn't worry about it. It can make you gag and even make it difficult/almost impossible to swallow at times.

If it starts to get worse then visit the doc, but from what you've said it's almost certainly worry-related.


Thanks for the advice guys - it helps to be able to give it a name and I know I'm not making it better by focusing on it, so I think my goal now is to distract myself when it does happen.


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