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Someone please help

Can someone give me some advice every time I try and go to sleep I get a weird sinking feeling and my eyes go fuzzy sometimes so I constantly think I'm going blind and it's ruining my life even though Im not and people think I'm overeating but I'm actually not and it's really scary does anyone else get this feeling and also I can't sit around lots of people because I start to panic know one understands how annoying this is

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I dealt with something similar to this. Everytime I would try and go to sleep at night i would hear this song in my head and it drove me nuts.. And I realized the more i thought about it the more AI would hear it in my head, I thought I was crazy and going nuts. I would google it and even make things worse. Here's what I did and it actually helped me. When you lay down at night plug in a fan or even have the TV on low.. Some type of noise to concentration on.. Then when you shut your eyes think of the color black and just focus on it being black.. Just focus and don't get upset with yourself give it sometime to work.. Even if you have to say the word black to yourself.. Just focus on it. This helped me very much and I stopped hearing the music in my head that played very loudly and annoyed me till no end. Hope this helped. Don't be afraid. Weird things happen all the time for no reason at all. And the more you focus on a problem the worse it can be. Hope things get better!


When my anxiety is happening my vision will become brighter than normal. I take deep breaths to get it back to normal.


Hi, I have had in the past a kind of feeling where I seem to have been holding my breath when I just start to drift off, it used to frighten me. But I am a shallow breather any way, so I guessed that was the problem and I seemed to be filled with thoughts and worries as I drifted off. It only haapens rarely now, but perhaps that's because it doesn't freak me out any more :-) JX


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