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As much as anxiety is anxiety nobody will ever understand

I can't describe everything I been through. I'm sure we all get anxious before a test or finding out about a health problem. Many people don't see how even immigration for U.S. Citizens causes a big effect for them just by losing the support, family, income of their other half. It's a lot of anxiety every where and the fact that people who will never ever go through what you have from any type of abuse or cancer or all of it. People just sometimes don't understand from your point of view. All we can do is pray.

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Prayer is all we need. God and Jesus is all we need. They will get anyone through anything that is hard in their life. Believe in Him and trust in Him and He will not fail you. =)

God Bless.


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Amen :)

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But it is not a problem in third world countries where people have few possessions and no internet!

I think we are making it worse for ourselves with availability of information, complex lives and unrealistic expectations


I agree 100%


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