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Aniexty and pregnancy

Hi guys haven't been on here for a while as had an amazing 6 months feeling back to myself! Now I'm 14 weeks pregnant and my anxiety is bad at its worse all the physical symptoms I suffered with for years are back at a high 😢 I'm really struggling again I feel so poorly I don't even want to get out of bed! This is my 2nd my 1st pregnancy 5 years ago wasn't to bad as my anxiety was at a low at that point it wasn't till after I had my son it when sky high then the beginning of the year I picked up again moved from my awful area got a new group of friends and just had a really good time! Then since finding out I was pregnant and going through the normal morning sickness ect I have felt awful I feel like I'm dying again all my obvs and tests are always normal so I'm putting it down to my anxiety again! Has anyone ever been like this with pregnancy 😢 Please help xxx

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Yeh a have had this due to pregnancey to witch a just lost a baby 7 weeks ago and my anxiety is terrible a think that am going to die our am going to die any min off the day so horrible


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