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Hello - new and anxious

Hi I'm Red and I'm relieved to find others here to talk to about my anxiety. Have had increasing issues since my first major panic attack 12yrs ago. My dr has diagnosed general anxiety and ocd, but told me last week that he's concerned I'm 'becoming agoraphobic' which has made me feel even more anxious. I do have social anxiety with regular panic attacks but I'm trying to keep myself going out regularly. I have been trying meditation and visualisation to help calm myself down and I'm finding it helpful.

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Hi its really good you are trying to keep going out,even with your anxiety and panic attacks,i do understand as i have and still do suffer panic attacks regularly,i know its one of the hardest things to do,i try to tell myself that my anxiety is playing tricks on me and that i am in control not my anxiety,for years it felt like my anxiety was in charge and i could not do anything about it,but there is always a way to help yourself get better,its great you are finding meditation and visualisation helpful,in my opinion anxiety and panic attacks batters your confidence and lowers self esteem which makes us feel unable to handle people and situations around us,but we are not weak we are the strong ones,keep doing the small things each day to help yourself move through it,and dont forget to tell yourself you are doing well


Hello Red so glad you find it a help to have found others to talk to about your anxiety and you aren't alone

You can get well the key to it all is to stop fighting When I read "Im trying to keep myself going out regularly " I'm wondering if you are like I once was and force yourself out ?

I was so very ill at one time and had I had this forum then I think I would have been posting every day in desperation BUT I recovered

No matter how long you have suffered you can and will get well

Claire Weekes books are absolutely amazing reading her words you will realise you have just been tricked all these years by symptoms that won't and cannot harm you

I used to find her words so comforting "Float don't fight " It really is the key to good health

The relaxation videos on You Tube are wonderful learning to relax is fantastic as its not possible to be tense and relaxed at the same time It takes practise though so don't give up

Exercise too it's the best medicine it gets rid of nervous energy a walk is great as you don't have any commitment to go anywhere if you know what I mean you can turn round whenever you want

I'm guessing your social anxiety is down to worrying about something happening in front of people ?

Remember panic attacks just have a limited life they follow the same path each time and always die down its just the fear of them happening that is keeping you ill with them

Dr Harry Barry Doctor Explains Panic Attacks on You Tube is a great little video

All the very best on your road to full recovery


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