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Not eating much

So I have this problem where I just forget to eat or just cant be bothered to eat, I'm also a really picky eater so sometimes I won't eat anything coz I don't like anything that's in the house so just go hungry. And my questions is can hunger cause anxiety attacks? As last night around 4am I felt hungry but forgot about it and decided to just sleep but I couldn't so watched some films. Around 8am when I finally decided to try and get some sleep I got this sudden feeling or dread or fear as if my whole body went numb and I thought "oh god I'm gonna die" and it past but left me anxious. And that's when it hit me that I was so hungry, my stomach almost hurt and I felt nausea in a way like starving and I just said whatever I'll eat after I wake up but then the chest pain started and anxious thoughts and slight breathlessness and not being able to fall asleep I finally got up to make some food and I felt so weak and unbalanced as if I was gonna fall. So now I'm just sat here thinking how could I be okay one minute and the next feel like I'm gonna die. And was that cause by the lack of food?

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Hiya,,if you don't eat properly it does affect your brain function!! It might be a good idea to set an alarm on your phone to remind you to eat!! I'm not going to tell you what you need to be eating as I'm sure your smart enough to know that. Eating a healthy well balanced diet is a must for your body and mind to function well. If there's often nothing in you like can you change that? I was recently quite ill and I lost 2and a half stone quickly. I had very bad nausea and I really didn't want to eat!! But I made myself eat!! Small but often.i knew to make my body strong and recover I needed to do it!! I'd start the day with a banana, it was the easiest thing to get down and helped my nausea and gave me some energy. Plus if your not eating properly your body could be deficient in essential vitamins. Maybe you could try a multivitamin too x


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