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Different type of anxieties that are so complicated in life

I am a girl of age of 28 I was diagnosed of anxiety of last year I do experience a lot of anxiety last year my anxiety used to be super fast anxious like I wanted to run when I was in the car my husband would drive wanted to jump off the car while it was moving I couldn't drive and when I did I had to pull over and call the ambulance. Now this year my anxiety has gotten worse I just lost a 2 month old baby I was pregnant and there was no heartbeat so I went through a lot with that situation but my anxiety this time isn't going super fast I can sit there and I feel my throat like a thump on it and it feels like my throat is starting to close and my heart's about to stop but my heart's not going fast neither is it going super slow and now I'm starting to get really bad migraines and my stomach is hurting so bad I feel so sick to my stomach when I get so hungry but whatever it is I feel like my anxiety or so they call its anxiety I just don't get the fact that how can anxiety make you feel like your heart's going to stop slowly and you're kind of like breathing a lot faster when heart's not going fast I wonder if that makes any sense I want to see if anybody else has any of this symptoms and to see if you guys did any remedies NE anything to prevent it from happening. I would like to say when I did have anxiety that was super fast I started drinking ginger and mint tea with honey and it did the work it has so help me with through a lot and I don't even have fast and it now I have anxiety but it's slow but ginger tea with mint leaves with honey it does the trick trust me I think Whoever has anxiety should really try it but if you guys do please if want to drop by and leave me a message I wouldn't mind it's horrible to have to go day-by-day with anxiety and feel horrible and have sleepless nights and you can't eat right I can't sleep right you're afraid to sleep because you're afraid you're not going to wake up but I think about that all the time but I try to tell myself you know think positive and believe in God but I am struggling with you guys that is my story have a good night I'll be up until the death of dawn. P.s Last Summer I used to weigh a hundred and forty seven pounds within this summer I weighed a hundred and one now m103 But anxiety and stress is a big killer try not to let it get to you guys even though it's not easy as it seems but the impossible is always possible

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