Heart palpitation when relaxing?

I was having a good day anxiety wise, and just lid down to relax after supper when I experienced a throbbing heart palpitation. Just wondering is it normal to have these when your not in an anxious state at that moment? Or do people with generalized anxiety randomly get them at random times even when not particularly anxious? I understand people having them when they are having a panic attack, but just randomly? It only lasted 2 seconds but still concerns me. Does anyone know any 'rules' on how to tell the difference between serious and non-serious palps? Thanks,

Amy :)


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  • Hi AnxiousAmy, lying down after supper probably just push up on the heart a bit causing it to skip some beats. Not harmful.... It was more of a positional thing than psychological. x

  • You have to look at it this way... The heart is doing what it is supposed to.. This means you know it is working and healthy. If it didnt adjust it self then there would be concerns

  • Hey Amy. What does it matter? It's normal and happens a lot. You are just focussing on it because you have anxiety. Give up caring about it. On occasion, I couldn't hear the TV because of my heart beating loudly. I thought it was going to pop out my chest but it is completely harmless, just adrenalin making it and you feel the way you do. Thank your lucky stars it's still beating 😘❤️

    You need to practice acceptance and no be impressed by the feelings. Give up caring and it will make it go away but if you learn to give up caring about it, it won't matter if your heart is thumping or not, will it?

    I can feel mine now. I'd be worried if I couldn't 😳

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