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Off balance feeling after driving or reading/standing up from sitting

Hi there people feeling a little depressed about these symptoms, they come and go but I think about them returning most days even when I feel fine. Started two years ago after driving one day, I got out walked into the shop and felt a pressure building in my ears and head then I felt weirdly off balance and giddy, it took everything I had to keep me in the shop, it then passed after about 3 or 4 minutes. Left me feeling scared and worried about what it is. Spoke with Dr and he said he wasn't sure and that I should not worry (thanks...feel so much better now). Its happened again quite a few times, last time a few days ago after I got out of my car and went into post office, it truly is scary and I'm frightened to travel too far from home now. Had full blood test which was fine, blood pressure fine and I'm quite active as I have a horse and dogs but I feel really depressed about it as I'm reluctant to go anywhere now. I also get it if I am reading looking downwards or looking at my mobile again looking downwards, when I stand up after doing both of these things I get the same symptoms but not always which is confusing. Am I alone with this, any replies grateful for.

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Hi outdoorsy I get this a lot. I'm new to anxiety and mine began 3 months ago after a health scare and now I have severe health anxiety. The symptoms you describe I have exactly the same especially during driving or when the car stops I feel like I'm still moving its a weird sensation. I also get it a lot if I move my head suddenly and I get an unbalanced floating sensation. It does come and go and I have noticed the more I focus on it or wait for it to happen the more it does happen. I try to ignore it and keep going with whatever I'm doing but it does scare me and then the adrenaline rush starts and it's downhill from there I'm afraid. I think it's all part of this journey we are all taking with anxiety. X

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Hi Onlyfools84 thank you for your reply, really sorry you get this too, it definitely changes you, my confidence gets knocked each time it happens. Ive searched online for answers but typically there are no straight answers. I did find out that it has a lot to do with the ear, eye, neck and joint coordination so I find relaxation and deep breathing helpful. I think its a case of managing it rather than it controlling you but that's hard when its happening.


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