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what worng with me

I never used to have these feelings of total weakness can you tell me why and how to fix it. when i was 12 or 13 i was playing a game on my laptop when out of no were i had this bad heacach it was so bad that i had to go to sleep and when i woke up it was stall there i don't know why i have these pains in my cheast i feel like i have no feeling at all like im not human like i feel like killing my self or going to seelp fover i feel like not doing anything like im so weak i cant even do anything right it hurt every time i move and this pain of Rapid heart beat, very slow heart beat, feeling spaced out/confused, shooting pains in arms, aches particularly around hips, feeling drugged or drunk, dizziness, loss of coordination, burning feelings on my skin, extreme thirst, nausea, stomach pains, difficulty remembering words, tingling/pins and needles particularly on my face, itchy skin, palpitations, hyperventilating, sweaty palms and feet, difficulty speaking (words come out in wrong order), difficulty concentrating (and listening....), hot and cold flashes, exhaustion

Can someone please tell me why i dont have feeling anymore why i dont feel happyness and why i feel like evevryone should die around me please tell me

Im 16 and i have my hole life ahead of me when i was 9 i use to say life can't be better then this feeling i have in my cheast i use to be happy for no reason at all i use to be at peace with my self but now i feel like im in hell please help me.

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Hi whoimi, unless drugs are involved, I'd say that you are no longer happy or feeling at peace with yourself because you are depressed. You seem to list every symptom of anxiety that no 12or 13 year old should have. All the symptoms that you described were after playing a game on your laptop. Game playing can have a lot of impact on your physical and emotional well being. Has anything changed in your life now that you are 16 or are you still hooked on playing game after game for hours at a time? Life hasn't been the same for you like it was at 9 years old. Maybe at 9 you were playing sports outside, had a lot of friends which made you think life was great. It's still great, you just need to change your way of facing each day with more positive things. I hope if you feel stuck, you get some help with therapy. It's not going to get better by itself. I wish you well.


You have to get help immediately, it may be severe depression but sounds like ME to me. My cousin suffered with it for a long time. It causes symptoms like you are explaining and is part physical and part due to mental health issues such as depression.

Don't go to your doctor a say I have ME but explain fully how you feel. Write it down before you go so if you have difficulty with cognitive communication it will be far less stressful for you and give your doctor a complete picture of you symptoms. I'm no doctor but I know you need help and the ME may not be your problem just having seen the illness in my cousin it sounds like you may have it, there are so many illnesses which could cause your symptoms so be open and honest so they can get to the root of your problems.

Please talk to someone you trust and maybe have them attend your doctors with you x


I'm 16 and stall having these problem's


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