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Not sure?

So lately I have been dealing with stomach problems. Or at least I think that's what it is. I get pains in my sides and in my back and also my belly button. I even have a hard time going to the bathroom and even passing gas. Its like my muscles don't want to work at all. It is seriously a struggle. Sorry I know that's gross. My doctor is sending me to see a specialist to see what's wrong in my stomach. Now I was wondering if anyone else on here has experienced this? And if being upset could actuallay cause this? Plus I have been thinking about it a lot and at times I feel as if I'm going crazy. I think maybe stressing about such a problem is causing things to not work right. And also putting things in my head. Again sorry I know this was a little TMI but it feels good to talk about it. And to know that I'm not alone.

Thanks in advance for reading this!

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Hi Rissa, being upset can definitely have an effect on your stomach and going to toilet. Your doctor is sending you to a specialist so your going to be looked after.i hate to state the obvious but make sure you drink plenty of fluids and eat well. Try not to stress about it because it just makes your symptoms worse Hopefully the tests will put your mind at rest as one way or another you will find out if there is a problem x


If you are anxious normally you would be loose not the other way. Do you drink enough ? Lack of fluids is the main cause of constipation. I know that being severely constipated is awful as it can cause severe sluggishness, pain and general malaise. It is fight your doctor should check out for anything that is causing these issues. You can also get a condition called mega colon which is a control caused by the mind and prevents you being able to pooh

Have you have you had any cause for this like having an accident in company or were you difficult to train when young which made mum frustrated and angry as this could be the cause of maga colon.

Obviously these are just suggestion and I am no doctor so wait till they check you out at hospital and they will get to the root of the problem x


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