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Its been a while

Hi everyone..

Well its been a while since my last Post .

And welll iam back at it... Stupid palpitations they are so annoying. I habent had them in a while.. But they are bugging me out now

I cant sleep iam getting anxious for them to go away and causing me to go into a panic. I keep checking my pulse and my Heart Beat is literally Pounding out my chest. Iam afraid and i havent felt this way in a ling time... Maybe 4 months... I also have a headache. And its the last day of my menstrual... Iam really freaking out about going to sleep.....

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I'm sorry you feel this way. I'm not going through the constant heart palpitations but I'm gping through the lightheadedNess and dizzy spells and adrenaline rushes a lot and this certainly keeps me afraid to sleep. So I'm up as well trying not to make myself panic.


It's so annoying when they come back. I've had palpitations for years. They'll go away for months, maybe longer, and then come back. Sometimes stronger. The more you focus on them, the worse the anxiety and the worse they'll feel. They feed off of it. I always tell myself, if it were something'd know. I'm sure the headache is also stress/anxiety related. I found an app with relaxing music that helps calm my nerves and put me to sleep. Or, some mindless reading to distract your thoughts. Good luck. I know how frustrating it is.


Hi i understand your fear,i have been having palpitations,skipped beats for the last few months,i ended up going to docs as i just kept thinking something really bad was going to happen,my doc did an ecg and said pvcs are normal for some people,i know its hard to believe,as they feel so scary,im a woman of a certain age and apparently they can get worse in perimenopause,i also get up on a morning with a racing heart,which does my severe anxiety no good at all,anxiety is soul destroying,but it is only our mind playing tricks on us,anxiety is our thoughts,so i try to change at least one thought a day to a more realistic and balanced thought,i wish more happier and peaceful thoughts to all anxiety sufferers out there


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