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Thinking about the times when my mother used to take me to the doctors. She never queried the diagnosis and never questioned his judgement. Nowadays we tell the GP what is wrong with us and he has to explain why we haven't got it. Dr. Google knows all the answers. On the other end of the scale someone may look up symptoms thinking they are not serious and then they get missed and the consequences can be fatal. Perhaps we should stop relying on Dr Google and just tell our GP the symptoms and let them decide what is wrong. When I have been on the internet it just makes my anxiety worse. Remember a little bit of knowledge Ida dangerous thing.


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  • I wish I could just let the MD and gp or physicians just do there job. I mean, after all they know everything. But Google on the other hand knows too much and will scare the crap out of me. And yet I still find myself on it. But I do honestly keep thinking these doctors are missing something

  • I feel the same that the doctors have missed something

  • If they say nothing we never seem to believe them. Where is the trust. I must admit I feel sorry for them.

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