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Anxiety is killing me!

My anxiety instead of getting better keeps getting worst :((( each day i feel more and more crazy and then all of the sudden i feel good then like 10 minutes later i feel crazy again this is not life. 2 months ago i was the happiest guy working a good job finally making good money and was about to marry the love of my life but all of the sudden anxiety came back after 4 years and im at my lowest im tired of going to different doctors and having to take different medications and i still feel awful. Its been 2 months and im here worst than ever and i dont see a way out of this :((((. I hate seeing my parents cry not knowing wat else to do and my gf looks tired of me.

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i might be waayyy younger then you to tell you tips but i'm going through exactly the same thing and i think you should just try and put your thoughts elsewhere, ignore your anxiety the most possible ways you can. fight it. what i do is try to do the opposite of what my mind is telling me to do it works for me but idk about you you should try it though<;;


Hi Cr10, it's time for a change. A change in your thought process that is. Medication has never been the answer to anxiety. Jumping from doctor to doctor looking for that answer and not finding it is making you worse. There is a way out of this, not with your parents or your girlfriend, it's within you. It sounds like you are more than ready to make a change in your life. Get angry with this anxiety bully, take back control of your life. It has robbed you long enough from living the dream. I started out years ago like you, looking for that answer, I tried everything available to squelch my anxiety and fears. One day I woke up angry and not afraid, that was the turning point for me. I used all the things I learned from therapy as well as different techniques. I fine tuned them just for me. What works for one, doesn't work for another. I weaned myself off medication, I focused on deep breathing and relaxation both morning and night. I went from being agoraphobic to actually using my deep breathing to get me through the day. It became easier and easier in that things that use to scare me, no longer do. I've gotten in control again. Thinking over all you have been through, I hope you find what works for you. Last, but certainly not least, is that you must address the issues that may have been swept under the carpet. If the reason for the anxiety still exists, it will keep coming back. You cannot accept anxiety until you accept and do something about the cause. I wish you well Cr10.


I am feeling exactly the same way as you are. I'm lucky to have somebody in my life that has made it through this and pushes me. Just keep holding on and don't resist the help people give you!


Hi Cr10,

I strongly agree with Agora1.

Change the perspective. I was hit with strong anxiety about 3 months ago. I also thought I was going crazy. I could never stop thinking, I felt alone and out of control. But trust that it will get better.

For me, I had my faith, God and Jesus to talk to when i went through this. I always believed in God but never had a personal relationship with Him. I say this with all conviction, He is here to help you and guide you through this! I wasn't going to go the medication route because I know there are better ways. I am not saying medication does not work, I m only saying that I found that my faith was a stronger prescription and it is what I needed.

My anxiety morphed into more of a health anxiety since then but still it has got MUCH better then when this all started. I still feel certain things when I am at work and sometime I still break down but I always know that there are good days and there are bad days. Anchor yourself to hope. All you have is hope. Know that you will get through this and it will get better.

Also, look at where it was and look at where it is now and tell your self it has got better. You will feel better.

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