Chest pains

Hi peeps. I got really bad chest pains again to the point i went to the doctors and she said oh this been going on awhile y hasnt anybody done anythin about it. Think its time u went for an ecg and bloods. Must admit slightly scared bout the results i will get bk as ive not been feeling to good lately feelin tired and achy light headed. Blood pressure is spot on. Hope everybody is havin a good day


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  • Hi Mouley, I'm glad your doctor is sending you for an ECG and blood tests. Hopefully that will relieve your worries. It's always best to have it checked out. I wish you well, let us know how you do. xx

  • Heyagora 1 i will definatly let you know what goes on. Xx

  • Hi mouley, I was just thinking!! We worry about symptoms!! Then worry about having tests!! Then worry about results!! Good thing is you've taken a positive step and getting some tests done. Get copies of your blood results so you can check your levels yourself. I'm having a good day Thankyou. hope you feel better soon 👍😀

  • Still awaitin my blood results. Ecg was ok slightly low heart rate. Keep u informed x

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