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This is so crazy!

Day 32: gosh I was starting to feel better, I was walking everyday for about 45 mins and that seemed to help with my all around outlook on life and my symptoms. And then 2 days ago I started feeling really tired, my focus and memory aren't that great either and I started getting chest pain again :( I was so scared and angry at the sametime, wondering what the HECK!! now today I'm feeling ok, what I don't understand is can panic and anxiety do this? Come and go like that? I'm 33 years old female and the crazy thing is I love my life and I don't feel stressed out. I've seen and talked to my doctor several times, I should just marry him "that's how many times I see him" I look at myself and don't even see the same person anymore. Upside I am sleeping a lot better 6 or 7 hrs now, it was only 2 so definitely thankful for that! I just really don't like this feeling anymore :(

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I feel you! This happened a lot to my friend too. Her life can be going amazingly and she is hanging out with friends and family and exercising enough the BAM! She feels awful and anxious as if something terrible is going to happen. I am glad you have someone to talk to about it which she has told me is a big help (I try to talk to her about it as much as I can so she knows I am there if she needs me). I'm sorry that I can't give you any useful advice to make it go away, just know that you are not alone in this. We can't help the way we feel! Glad you are sleeping better and I hope your anxiety improves over time. Keep doing what you're doing, stay active and in touch with those close to you.


Thank you! It actually means alot! And I do hope that we can all overcome this! Hugs! Thanks again!

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