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I can't cope with this crippling work anxiety

So I'm on propranolol 10mg and I take them as and when needed. This job just sends me into a meltdown to the point where I shake,sweat and can't breathe and I feel like the tablets I'm on no longer have any effect as my heart still races. I've applied to different jobs every day but no joy as yet and unfortunately being signed off isn't an option as I wouldn't be able to pay rent and bills etc. I'm at my wits end it's making me ill im dreading these 3 nights at work i just can't cope. Help 😕

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Hi agelesspixie, taking a medication as needed doesn't seem to be working for you since the job sends you into a meltdown. It sounds like you may need a medication that keeps a more steady level in your system. It might be best to see your doctor again so you can be re-evaluated. There may be something that will work for you better until you find something else. Good Luck x

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I have a high stress job but it works for me and I have an issue working an 8 to 5 job because of my anxiety. I'm a real estate agent and when I work I forget my personal issues because I work so much but then when it's all wrapped up if I need a few days I take them. If I sell one house a month that takes care of my bills. 3 and I'm living life. You may want to consider giving it a try.


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