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Anxiety and lack of support from family

I have a friend who, like myself, has severe health anxiety, and an illness. The illness may be caused by stress and anxiety but on the other hand it could be physical. She is suffering with pain and burning all over her body. Dose anyone find once you have a diagnosis of HA some medical staff will dismiss your symptoms and also family members. She is getting very little support from her family. I think people who haven't suffered from this do not understand the stress and pain that it involves. Pain is there whether it is physical or caused by stress. The Pain is real.

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I don't think some GP's have a handle on high anxiety, and yes it can cause pain and a burning feeling on your body. Often people never seem to imagine the stress others have, and I can truly sympathize with what you and your friend are going through.

I suffer from stress/worry also and my GP prescribed Sertraline which greatly helped. It takes at least two or three weeks to feel the effect. I hope you can seek some deserved relief.


PTSD can cause pain as well.

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Every medical professional that she has seen has said that her symptoms are caused by stress but one wanted a test for small fibre neuropothy. Since then she had been severely depressed and very anxious. All her family say is snap out of it. Of course if she could she would. I speak to her every day on the phone and persuaded her to go to her GP to get extra help. I feel so sorry for her it must be a nightmare. I have been through it soon what it feels like.


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