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Feel Like Everyone Hates Me

I started university last week and as a person suffering with social anxiety, it was quite tough. However, I forced myself to attend all the fun events (parties, concerts, etc), I made friends, and exchanged numbers with several people. Overall, the week was a success, considering I was able to face my fears and socialize. I had fun. The last few days have been rough though... Everytime I'm with people I begin to withdraw and internalize. My thoughts become really negative and are things such as, "everyone hates me", "they think I'm boring/weird/awkward", "nobody really wants me here", "they're just pittying me", "they probably talk bad about me when I'm not here", "I'm the ugliest one here", "I'm the least interesting one here", "maybe there's something wrong with me/ I'm not normal", etc. . Then I grow depressed and feel like everyone hates me. The experience becomes unenjoyable and I want to leave. I'll usually stay and push through it feeling like crap and then go home sad and start the cycle all over again the next day. I just want to think normal thoughts, have fun and enjoy my time out. Yet I feel like my brain makes this impossible. :(

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Hi there sorry you are having this trouble. Congratulations on making it to Uni! You have been through a lot to get this far! You will not be alone having insecurities/ doubts - everyone (even the people that are flaunting their stuff) will have similar thoughts initially, it's new territory, new boundaries. No one hates you or any of the things you say why? Because they are all too bothered about themselves. Have you considered any of the following: relaxation classes/ yoga ( my fav), tapping? Tapping is really good if you get a negative thought and you want to knock it on the head! I truly hope you will forget about the others for now just concentrate on getting your inner self happy. Eventually, have a goal to join the clubs at uni. Sometimes when we are-not sure of our ground we doubt ourselves - don't -you sound a lovely person and truly worthy. Sending hugs xxxxxx


Sounds like you're doing well. Keep on keeping on. It's very early days yet. Try not to ruminate/ dwell on these things. It's very unhelpful! Better to just get on and do stuff and continue the social contacts.

By the way, there's no such thing as normal thoughts. We're all different!

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