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Stupid question

Anxiety playing with me again. Just wondering. When I do a small type of exercise even just going up the stairs whilst carrying something not very heavy or anything I get sooo out of breath. And anxiety kicks in thinking something is wrong. Like "oh god I got asthma" or "I'm gonna stop breathing" "it's my heart" but just wondering if it's coz of my lack of exercise I think last time I exercised was like 4 years ago. So maybe it's just lack of cardio and stuff like that so I'm really unfit that's why small things like that take my breath away. So just wanted someone to say if it's that or should I actually worry.

I had test on my heart and had the test done for asthma and it was all really good so I shouldn't worry but you know what anxiety is like

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I also get out of breath sometimes while climbing stairs and immediately the same thoughts kick in.....its my heart. I too have had all tests done and thankfully they came out to be normal.....but this does not help with the anxiety....

Anxiety is just messing with our brain and we have to keep telling ourselves that we are ok


Hi yes I'm the exact same. I use to be really fit I use to go gym 4 5 times a week. Now I can't do half the things I use to do because I get out of breath and start having bad palpitations, I still go but I've got be careful on how much I do as I get light headed, out of breath and palpitations :( so it's all about the anxiety x


Anxiety makes our breathing erratic in general so if you do any activity you will feel out of breath. My first symptom was out of breath feelings I had chest exrays and a lung test all was fine thank God so I'm sure you are fine it is a very common symptom of anxiety.


Hi Angiecis22, there was a time I use to jog up the steps but those were the days when I use to work out 5 days a week. Now that I'm more sedentary I notice that when I go up the stairs, I tend to hold my breath (not good). That will make you feel a little short of breath.


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