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Hi I'm finding today really tough. My only support (my mum) has gone away (4 days ago now) and I feel so terably lonely and scared. I have my wonderful daughter but she's only 6 and is starting school again in 1 day. I feel like it's just me and her I have kept myself busy for the last 3 days but today has been tough, can't turn my brain off can't keep busy and can't stop thinking that I've got 9 more days of being completely isolated and alone with nothing to do and no one to talk to and it's going to be even more awful without my daughter here in the day. I've given myself horrible physical symptoms today because I can't get out of my head how alone I am. Don't know what to do I hate these feelings how can the world be over populated yet I feel as if I have no one. Every minute feels like an hour and today isn't even over yet but it's been such a long one and the prospect of so many more the same is such an horrible thought. I just don't know how to be positive and get out of this mindset!! Usually I would just go out most days and stay completely busy but I have serious issues with going out and really struggle so don't even have that to fall back on. I feel so hopeless at the moment

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In a way a know how you feel, I had company for weeks but now I'm at home alone and too scared to go out, but thats not the point, can you watch a movie or listen to music, maybe draw or read, I know it's not that easy, but if you could distract yourself tme might go past quicker, I have a stack of wildlife documentaries that help distract me sometimes. sorry if this isn't much help, best wishes x


Onlyfools84, I fully understand and also have wondered how we can feel alone in this big old world of ours. Then I realize that I can feel just as alone in a room full of people. With anxiety I don't think we ever feel like a part of the average group of people. I hope you mom is enjoying her time away. 4 days down now, the beginning is always the hardest. As it gets closer to your mom coming back, the fear will start lifting. When your daughter goes to school tomorrow, turn to the forum for some support. I always try to look forward to at least one thing when alone. Whether it be a tv show or painting your nails, cleaning out drawers, arranging closets. This will give you a purpose and a satisfaction. You are doing well, one day at a time really applies here. You are not alone. xx


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