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So basically a few days ago when I was trying to sleep it felt like my heart was beating irregularly, I've only become aware of it now for some reason but sometimes it feels so slow it might not beat again then at random times even when I don't feel remotely anxious it races, other times I feel my heart POUNDING and other times it's just a flutter. I feel it most days and I want to cry because I honestly think I'm going to have a heart attack and die. Don't make fun of me I'm being serious. I've heard so many stories of undiagnosed heart conditions, I told my dad and he said it's all in my head and I shouldn't worry, this is probably the case but I'm freakint out to the point of tears. Someone tell me if this is normal HELP

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I have these exact symptoms too. And doctors have all told me its anxiety I haven't had my heart checked yet but I think its normal? I've been prescribed beta blockers and now I don't get heart palpitations or a racing heart. Its made me feel alot calmer. Sounds like you are having the typical anxiety symptoms though, you should go see your doctor.


Please try to stop worrying You have become aware of your heart and tuned into it Anxiety makes the heart pound and fluttering is really common and won't do you any harm and yes it is normal

I've had anxiety for years but I am better now

Earlier this year I really did have a heart problem I was rushed into A&E with severe chest pains and suspected heart attack It was nothing like the anxiety heart pounding or fluttering I'd worried about

You would know believe me if it was a real heart problem I promise from what you are saying it's normal and I have to say I agree with your dad Although I'm not trivialising it at all as its a horrible problem to you

Get it checked out if it would put your mind at rest but having been through what I did I now never ever worry about anxious heart beats or fluttering as its so different to the "real thing"

Hope I've put your mind at rest a bit and I hope no one will make fun of you its nothing to joke about

Think about blinking I bet you never do but when you do you become really aware of it yet we do it all day long but never tune into it Well that's the same as your heart once you tune in you become aware of every beat Your heart is a very strong organ

Take care and hope you get peace again


I have this all the time and have for a long time... Its anxiety. Your heart probably did beat fast once, but then you have had anxieties about that and now your thinking it's happening and that can cause physical changes. When it happens just take deep breaths. For me, I changed my bedtime routine and I read a book until I fell asleep. That way I didn't have to think about the anxiety of my heart beating fast xx


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