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Intense head aches and dizzy spells

Hi. Does anyone get intense headaches and dizzy spells. I am constantly getting sudden dizzy spells which gets me off balance and head pressure like someone's squeezing my brain with there hand ! The dizzy so else are scary and get quite fuzzy almost like it's low blood pressure I've had lots of tests done blood tests etc but all normal my iron is quite low do don't know if that could be related but I'm quite worried. Does anyone have this with anxiety and depression ?



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Hi love, I get the head pressure and dizziness, but in my case it was caused by an antibiotic (cipro) so please avoid those and all Fluoroquinolone antibiotics like the plague, if you need an antibiotic at any point, because they will make that much worse, including anxiety and depression. Can you ask a doctor about carefully taking extra iron? Meanwhile, you should add a magnesium supplement and vitamin C supplement to your daily diet :) They cannot hurt you and can possibly help. Magnesium does help with headaches for many people. Mag Malate is a good form of it for your tum. Some magnesiums can give a bit of the poops :) (sorry) but try that.


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