Plz help iam confused and getting anxious

Hi iam very confused for the past 5 weeks I been having pregnancy symptoms I done pregnancy test but all negative then I started bleeding last week the 1st 2th day it was normol bleeding so I thout OK my period is here but 3rd to 4th day in to my period it changed on the 4th day I woke up with only in the middle of the pad little blood but dry so it stopped throw the night after a few hours it starts and few hours later stopd I waited to do more pregnancy tests and the digital test had a + for pregnant the next day - for negative I have pregnancy symptoms but more I feel all way hungry boobs hurt feeling sick going to the bathroom ... I don't know what's going on before the bleeding I had pregnancy symptoms but pregnancy tests were all negative then after the bleed after a few days had a Positive test then negative the next day plz help its been a week now since I done a pregnancy test

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  • Hi glitterangel03, It sounds very confusing but you do know that whatever is causing all these symptoms do need to be addressed by your OBG. You can't handle this by yourself, you need a medical diagnosis. Hope you get into your doctor very soon. Wish you well. x

  • iam going to try see a doctor on Monday hope I find out throw a blood test

  • glitterangel, hope you get to see a doctor tomorrow. Whether you are still experiencing symptoms or not, it needs to be checked out and you need to have your mind at rest. x

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