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I'm feeling bad already 1 month

Hi there.

I'm feeling bad and weak a bit dizzy, and I can't breath properly (it'd hard to take deep breaths like something stopping it I need to yawning and it look like it's help, but it's not all the time.) that starts at the end of July 2016 and I'm still like that. Now I'm bit better but I have headache all the time not a strong pain but is all the time there, usually I'm doing a lot of exercise and I don't have any problem but now if I take 20 stairs or run for the buss my heart start to beat 2 3 times faster than usual. I don't know ow what's wrong with me but it's not normal for me to feel like that one day pretty much okey next day again feeling bad. I really don't know but this breathing think and the headache(I usually don't have headache never) and my heart beating.... Anyway any advice?!? I was at my GP they make me blood test and they day everything looks fine, but I'm not, is it some virus or flue here in London or what is it?!?

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Am having the same symptoms and i just stop seen the google what it is just scares me more. In the night gets me the most pain my chest like i can breath having trouble sleeping is been 2 weeks like this i hate this feeling try using brown paper bag to breathe that my help u helps me a lil went i get scare like i feeling like am draining.


I'm trying to not get scared i don't leave my brain think, and google... it's a many stories of many people everybody can put whatever he wan't so take my advice don't check google.

I got chest scan, lungs scan-> everything is fine with me just my heart got some liquid but nothing to worried about. so i'm sure you are fine just don't read at internet. BTW my girlfriend got the same symptoms and the chest pain, and time to time she's feeling like she's getting crazy seeing herself how she making suicide and things like that, i was the same with the craziness but now i'm better just the breathing problem and still feeling like bit sick of something


Hi Greg, For me those symptoms were caused by a delayed reaction to an antibiotic. At any time in the months prior to this for you, did you take an antibiotic for any kind of infection, or suspected infection? Let me know.


Naahh ,im not a fan of antibiotics at all, i just take BCA protein creatine few mounts ago for the gym, i use to take this things before and i didn't have any problems.Yesterday and today i'm taking Lemsip COLD&FLU Maximum and it look like i'm feeling better but we will see.But no, no antibiotics and no infections till i know.


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