Having bad anxiety chest pain and itching

Having bad anxiety chest pain and itching

Plz help me not feeling well this morning I'm feeling sick I'm very stressed out and very nautious I haven't felt the gasping for air yet but I'm scared today I'm getting my own room at a motel I haven't been alone for a long time was staying with a couple renting a room in there house then moved to thier sons house renting a room and now I left there before they would charge me rent and came to my sisters for only a week been searching for my very own apt haven't had luck so I'm renting a room at a motel but this be from awhile ago I've been on my own I'm very scared but the anxiety is starting to get worst I'm having chest pains as we speak (no it not my heart) stress has me totally messed up I'm taking visteril 50mg helps some but my racing thoughts don't give me piece I'm very depressed


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