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Anxiety with bowel movements?

I am wondering if anyone else has this problem? My heart races "before" I have a bowel movement..... I don't know if this is just my bodies way of telling me that I need to have a bowel movement. Then after I have the bowel movement, my heart rate increases even more to the point of severe anxiety and even sometimes panic. It doesn't happen every time I have a bowel movement, but pretty much almost all the time. I do suffer from IBS as well. It's really upsetting to me. It's just awful and so upsetting. Why can't I just be normal??!!

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Yes. IBS is a common cause of anxiety & stress.

Don't try to be normal. You're fine the way you are, anxiety and IBS and all, trust me.


Hi Neesie_227

Normal is over rated!!

But on the other hand what you explained can happen. Google "Vagus nerve" or "Vagal nerve" and you will see that it is a nerve running down your whole body past your stomach.

This Vagal nerve can have an effect on your heartbeat. There is even something like "vagal maneuvers" where you can "lower" your heart rate, but this must only be done under DOCTORS CARE!

I have had many experiences where it felt like my heart was beating "harder", not always faster.

I felt so stupid to try and explain it to my doctor, because it felt like my full stomach had an influence on my heart beat. And now I know it could probably have an effect.

I have an heart arrhythmia called AFIB, and that is why I was so concerned with my heart rate.

Hope you get a few answers, and please give feedback.


Hello neesie227 yes I suffer with ibs and also when I get anxious my bowels work even more also palpatation and lump feeling in my throat x all due to anxiety x I've had all the heart checks also heart monitors blood tests scans and everything is fine x been to anxiety clinic which did help me to control my anxiety x breathing control x it's not nice this anxiety x horrid x hope you find relief x let me know how you get on x


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