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Lift side chest pain

Dear All.

I have lift chest paint and armpit pain , started 2 month ago and also sweatin feet. ECho test, ETT and ECG test are already cleared. I have also Asthama and at the time of pain I woresely suffer, fear and like stopping heart. Strat sweating. After 3 hours I relaxed and cool from fear. Dr advice to take asthamatic medicine for 6 months. One another Dr describe the anxiety medicine, but pain is still exists too. Some one brief me what is this type of diseases????

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You are the fourth person today describing anxiety related chest pain. It is the commonest post on this site. Here's some ideas about how to approach it. cci.health.wa.gov.au/resour...

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Anxiety will cause all kinds of pains, like sharp pain in your chest, your throat will hurt, your back, stomach pain and diarrhea, head aches, lung and esophagus pains and all kinds of weird pain that you didn't even know is possible. It's certainly anxiety that you're suffering from and I'd say don't take asthmatic medicine, but instead try Saint John's Wort. It's a powerful herb sold over the counter at your local pharmacy. Just try it, trust me.

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