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People abusing the NHS

Getting so angry with regards to people who don't turn up at the doctors. I think it should be like dentists and charge them. No wonder you can't get an appt with so many not cancelling. Also they are complaining that too many people are going to A+E when they should be seeing their GP. You see a triage nurse to begin with why can't they say that it is not serious and get a doctors appt..

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The NHS is on the brink of requiring a major change to either restrict patients expectations or have a financial payment. The current service is unsustainable as there are not enough staff and not enough funding to meet patients expectations either in casualty or GP surgeries. i think it will all have to happen quite soon


I agree and I think the bubble has already burst


I think it's really frightening!! Doctors are so overworked they get things wrong!! A and E is often dealing with people who are drunk and abusive!! Have toothache!! Nurses have a very stressful job and often get abused for it!! Without these people some of us and the people we love wouldn't be here. Nurses do say go to doctors in some cases!! But people get frightened so they go to A and E and will be seen. Let's hope more money does get out in to the NHS. We need them.


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