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Fall in love with your anxiety

This is a trick that I have found the most effective in dealing with my long term anxiety. I personify anxiety as a person. I give them a name, a face, a personality, and I imagine them very sorry for hurting me. And I love them. When I feel my anxiety at its peak, almost bordering on a panic episode, I think about how much I accept them. I think, it's okay that they are doing this to me. It's okay, and I can handle it. That I love them. Just like a real relationship with someone: they might hurt you, they might break you, but you must forgive to move on. You must accept them for who they are and what they represent.

I do this all the time when I feel my most vulnerable. It helps, because it is easier to fear a nameless entity, than a person you know and come to care for. Name your anxiety, and start to love them, so when they appear, you know the steps to approach them.

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Novel approach!! Worth a try!!!!!!


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